River Road Show

49th Annual River Road Show

A National Juried Art Competition
$4,000+ Cash and Prizes



September 4 – September 27, 2018
Louisiana State Archives Gallery
Baton Rouge, LA



Thursday, September 20, 5:30-7:30pm



Iain Stewart


front view of Louisiana State Archives building

exhibited at the
Louisiana State Archives Gallery
3851 Essen Lane Baton Rouge, LA
Open Monday – Friday, 8 am – 4:30 pm
Gallery is free and open to the public

crowd of people at the River Road Show reception in 2016

2018 Exhibition

This year 137 artists entered 407 works of art in the 49th Annual National River Road Show. Thirty-five of these artists are from outside the state of Louisiana. The juror, Iain Stewart, selected 70 paintings produced by 70 artists from 10 states, that are exhibited in the show at the Louisiana State Archives Gallery in Baton Rouge in September 2018. Iain Stewart judged the show and awarded prizes to 11 artists.



Judi Betts (Baton Rouge, LA)

Mexican Morning Market (Watercolor Collage)

Judge's comment: "I kept coming back to this one which is an indicator that the image has more to say to me. A lot of techniques used to create strength of composition-painted, printed and collage. Busy south west scene with lots of surprises and the decision to create a collage intensifies the sense of depth. Not haphazard. Strong planning and mixture to create playfulness and interest."

painting by Judi Betts titled Mexican Morning Market


William Schneider (Village of Lakewood, IL)

Yes, They Roared (Oil)

Judge's comment: "Classic impressionist painting with beautiful highlights directing you to the muted eyes and slightly blurred lips of the model. Texturally a lot of depth with softness of the wrap and strategically placed bright highlights in headband and jewelry. A jewel."

painting by William Schneider titled Yes, They Roared


Carlos Setti (New Orleans, LA)

Nature Worship (Oil on Canvas)

Judge's comment: "The clothing is timeless but the gesture of cell phone camera places it in the present. Strong horizontal gestures carry your eyes across the painting while repetition of cerulean blue moves you upward to the horizon. Difficult figurative gestures captured with a beautiful economy of brushwork. There is a joy in painting and that speaks to the viewer."

painting by Carlos Setti titled Nature Worship


  • Young Allen (New Orleans, LA) , Fresh Cut Roses (Watercolor)
  • Cameron Gallorese (Tiburon, CA) , Winter Pounce (Oil)
  • Keith Morris (Baton Rouge, LA) , Basilica Di San Marco (Mixed Media)
  • Ron Hooper (Shreveport, LA) , YMCA Camp Forbing Boat House (Acrylic)


  • Carol Peebles (New Orleans, LA) , Paige From Life (Pastel)
  • Cindy Brabec-King (Palisade, CO) , Cotton, Wool, and Tin (Watercolor)
  • Donna Bland (Kingsland, TX) , Bales and Barns (Oil)
  • Monica Bishara (Baton Rouge, LA) , Bonjour Louisiana (Watercolor)

Exhibiting Artists - Accepted Works

  • Fran Abrams, MA     Wrap Me Softly, Mixed Media
  • Jo-Ann Adams, LA     The Chameleon's Dilemma, Watercolor
  • Young Allen, LA     Fresh Cut Roses, Watercolor
  • Margaret Bayalis, FL     Masquerade, Oil
  • Theresa Beaubouef, LA     Along the Way, Acrylic
  • Lana Bernard Toniolo, LA     Swamp Pop II, Watercolor
  • Judi Betts, LA     Mexican Morning Market, Watercolor Collage
  • Carolyn Biggio, LA     Abita, Oil
  • Monica Bishara, LA     Bonjour Louisiana, Watercolor
  • Donna Bland, TX     Bales and Barns, Oil
  • Maria Boudreaux, LA     Sushi I, Acrylic
  • Cindy Brabec-King, CO     Cotton, Wool and Tin, Watercolor
  • Lynn Breaux, LA     New Orleans Jazz, Metal Sculpture
  • William Buck, LA     Prairie Strong, Watercolor
  • Cheryl Caro, LA     Heart and Soul, Color Pencil
  • Nanci Charpentier, LA     Corn Yellow Silk and Golden Sunlight I Remember, Oil
  • Terri Dakmak, LA     Gator Watch, Watercolor
  • Keith Douglas, LA     Brass Man, Acrylic
  • Kathleen Durdin, FL     Waiting for the Sale II, Watercolor
  • Emily Efferson, LA     Abbeyville Hay Rolls, Watercolor
  • Betty Efferson, LA     Flutter, Acrylic and Inks
  • Elaine Erikson, LA     Canna Lily, Acrylic
  • Deana Evstefeeva, LA     The Old Abthinse House, Oil
  • Albert Faggard, TX     Nevermore, Oil
  • Todd Folsom, GA     Uninvited, Oil
  • Samuel Fuller Jr, TX     Piano Blues, Mixed Media
  • Cameron Galloreese, CA     Winter Pounce, Oil on canvas
  • Stan Goldberg, LA     A Red Handkerchief, Watercolor
  • Paul Hitchen, MA     Looking for American-Straton, Acrylic
  • Stephanie Holznecht, WI     Feeding the Fire Dragon, Mixed Media
  • Ron Hooper, LA     YMCA Camp Forbing Boat House, Acrylic
  • Ken Hopel, LA     The Way to the Fishing Spot, Oil
  • Naja Isabelle, LA     The Backbone, Mixed Media
  • Jim Jeansonne, LA     Et Qui T'est Toi (And Who Are You), Woodcut Print
  • Ellen Jenkins, LA     Reflections, Watercolor
  • Mariana Kalacheva, LA     My Whimsical Plovdiv, Mixed Media
  • Donna Kilbourne, LA     Highlander, Oil
  • Dawn Koetting, LA     Pensive, Pastel
  • Julie Krutz, LA     Sunflower, Oil
  • Patsy Lindamood, TX     Like a Flaming Pink Flare, Watercolor Pencil
  • Kelsey Livingston, LA     Futility, Relief Print
  • Ralph Marino, LA     Choupique's Dilemma, Acrylic
  • Donna McGee, LA     Sundown Watcher, Acrylic
  • Sydney McGraw, LA     Vision in Opaque Rose, Oil
  • Arnell McMillin, LA     Morning Reflection, Oil
  • Joann Mobley, TX     Summer Girl, Oil
  • Keith Morris, LA     Basilica di San Marco, Mixed Media
  • Betsy Neely, LA     House on the Corner, Acrylic
  • Barry Owen, LA     Origin of Texting, Mixed Media
  • Carol Peebles, LA     Paige from Life, Pastel
  • Andrea Phillips, LA     Begonias in Blue, Oil
  • Scott Pogue, LA     Number 6, Acrylic
  • Trish Poynot, LA     Lady Liberty, Acrylic Screen Print
  • William Schneider, IL     Yes, They Roared, Oil
  • Carlos Setti, LA     Nature Worship, Oil on Canvas
  • Arena Shawn, CA     Black Swan, Chalk and Charcoal
  • Gabriella Sliwinska, LA     The Waiting Game, Acrylic
  • Nancy Smitherman, LA     Bursting with Color, Acrylic
  • Douglas Stafford, LA     Paper Walls, Oil
  • Kathy Miller Stone, LA     March, Watercolor
  • Emily Stroud, AL     Dallas, Oil
  • Don Taylor, FL     Arches of Notre Dame, Watercolor
  • Dorothy Turk, CA     Eyes to the Sky, Oil
  • Erin Waite, LA     Harlow, Oil
  • Ann Warner, LA     Trumpet Lilies of Summer 2, Oil
  • Pat Wattam, LA     After the Storm, Oil
  • Elizabeth Whitley, LA     Tarissa and Mary, Oil
  • Rose Mary Williams, LA     The Watermark, Oil
  • Shirley Young, LA     Burst, Oil
  • Bing Zheng, LA     Color of the Fall, Oil