River Road Show

50th Annual

River Road Show

A National Juried Art Competition

Golden Anniversary


August 3 – September 19, 2019
Louisiana State Archives Gallery
Baton Rouge, LA



Thursday, August 29, 5:00-7:00pm

Juror of Selection & Awards
William A. Schneider, OPA, AISM

The Art Guild of Louisiana is privileged to welcome William A. Schneider, OPA, AISM as the juror and judge of this year’s River Road Show. Educated at the American Academy of Art, William also studied with such noted artists as Harley Brown, Scott Christensen, Dan Gerhartz, and Richard Schmid. He has been featured in articles in Workshop Magazine, American Artist, Southwest Art, Art of the West, International Artist, The Pastel Journal, and The Artists’ Magazines .He has won awards in national shows including those of: The Pastel Society of America, Salon International, OPA, and The Portrait Society of America. William shows in galleries in Napa Valley, Taos, Carmel, and Jackson Hole. The Pastel Society of America elected him “Master Pastelist” and the American Impressionist Society made him a “Master Signature Member”. IAPS named him to their “Master’s Circle”.

To view William’s work, visit his website at schneiderart.com.

front view of Louisiana State Archives building

exhibited at the
Louisiana State Archives Gallery
3851 Essen Lane Baton Rouge, LA
Open Mon – Fri, 8 am – 4:30 pm
Gallery is free and open to the public

crowd of people at the River Road Show reception

2019 Exhibition

This year 121 artists entered 337 works of art in the 50th Annual National River Road Show. Twenty-nine of these artists are from outside the state of Louisiana. The juror, William Schneider, selected 70 paintings, produced by 64 artists from 13 states, exhibited in the show at the Louisiana State Archives Gallery in Baton Rouge August 3 – September 19, 2019. Schneider also judged the show and awarded prizes to 11 artists.



Keith Morris (Baton Rouge, LA)

Tranquility and Peace (Oil)

Judge’s comment: “Best of Show. Completely reads of atmosphere in the receding landscape woods. Values on the trees that are the center of interest don’t get too dark. Looks like it was started from life as a plein air study.”

painting by Keith Morris titled Tranquility and Peace

Judi Betts (Baton Rouge, LA)

Ninety Degrees (Watercolor)

Judge’s comment: “The painting shows the heat. The color choices in the shadows give a sense of a warm haze modifying the light. (If she showed the typical warm light/cool shadows palette, it would have destroyed the effect.) Just enough detail.”

painting by Judi Betts titled Ninety Degrees

Carol Peebles (New Orleans, LA)

Kellie Drawn From Life (Charcoal)

Judge’s comment: “Excellent drawing. Good value control throughout, including the background. Good sense of texture and variety of edges.”

painting by Carol Peebles titled Kellie Drawn From Life


  • Sydney McGraw (Baton Rouge, LA) , Rare (Gouache)
  • Emily Efferson (Baton Rouge, LA) , Hot and Spicy (Watercolor)
  • Cheryl Caro (Geismar, LA) , Intense Moment (Colored Pencil)
  • Cheri Fry (Denham Springs, LA) , Festival Shopping (Watercolor)


  • Betty Efferson (Baton Rouge, LA) , Walk Through the Woods (Pastel)
  • Anne Faust (Baton Rouge, LA) , Lacassine Pool (Serigraph)
  • Jo Ann Adams (New Orleans, LA) , Bliss (Watercolor)
  • Jacqueline Langlinais (Abbeville, LA) , Aliyah (Oil)

Exhibiting Artists – Accepted Works

  • Jo-Ann Adams, LA     Bliss, Watercolor
  • Young Allen, LA     Spring Flower, Watercolor
  • Judith Baker, TX     Golden Roses, Watercolor
  • Theresa Beaubouef, LA     An Early Spring Blessing, Watercolor
  • Judi Betts, LA     Ninety Degrees, Watercolor
  • Monica Bishara, LA     Chasing the Blues Away, Watercolor
  • Cindy Brabec-King, CO     Happily Ever Laughter, Watercolor
  • Constance Bryan, LA     Just Waiting, Oil
  • Stacie Buhler, LA     Lily Pads, Watercolor
  • Cheryl Caro, LA     Intense Moment, Color Pencil;     Bitter Cold, Color Pencil;     I See It!, Color Pencil
  • Nanci Charpentier, LA     In The Bloomin’ Garden, Oil;     After The Bath (Self Portrait with Quincy), Oil
  • Carol Creel, LA     Persimmons, Watercolor
  • Yvette Creel, LA     Bamboo Slices, Watercolor
  • Kathy Daigle, LA     Winter in Louisiana, Oil
  • Larry Downs, LA     Natural Design, Acrylic
  • Kathleen Durdin, FL     MMMM Morning in Florence, Watercolor
  • Georgie Dussouy, LA     Bad GPS, Watercolor
  • Betty Efferson, LA     Lillys, Oil;     Walk Thru the Woods, Pastel
  • Emily Efferson, LA     Hot and Spicy, Watercolor
  • Janice Evans, LA     Early Morning, Firenze, Oil
  • Deana Evstefeeva, LA     Boudoir Secrets, Oil
  • Ellen Farrar, LA     Railroad Tracks, Oil
  • Anne Faust, LA     Lacassine Pool, Serigraph
  • Tiffany Foss, TN     Emerging Spring, Oil
  • Cheri Fry, LA     Festival Shopping, Watercolor
  • Nancy Garcia, VA     White Callas and Gold, Colored Pencil
  • David Gerard, LA     August Sun Flowers, Mixed Media
  • Barbara Hayes, LA     Oliver, Watercolor
  • Ken Heard, LA     Louisiana Swamp Rooster, Gouache
  • Len Heatherly, LA     Gulf Coast-Gold Coast-Biloxi, Oil
  • Tracy Hebert, LA     Beach Boys, Watercolor
  • Stephanie Holznecht, WI     Happy Thoughts, Mixed Media
  • Ron Hooper, LA     Book Bindery Melrose, Acrylic
  • Elayne Kuehler, LA     The Garden Chair, Oil
  • Jacqueline Langlinais, LA     Aliyah, Oil
  • Pio Lyons, LA     McCall Creek, Watercolor
  • Miguel Malagon, IL     Profile, Watercolor
  • Ralph Marino, LA     The Warm Up, Watercolor
  • Sydney McGraw, LA     Rare, Gouache
  • Joann Mobley, TX     Haley’s Treasures, Oil;     Christmas with Frankie, Oil
  • JR Monks, CO     Storm Front, Watercolor
  • Keith Morris, LA     Tranquility and Peace, Oil
  • Anne Parker, SC     Gold Vibe II, Acrylic
  • Carol Peebles, LA     Kellie Drawn from Life, Charcoal;     Yes in the Sky, Pastel
  • Andrea Phillips, LA     Roses, Teal and Toile, Oil
  • Scott Pogue, LA     Tangled Up in Blue, Acrylic
  • Tom Quaid, LA     Free, Oil
  • Wilma Roy, LA     Fornasetti Revisted, mm on Canvas on panel
  • Patricia Ryan, LA     Majestic Magnolias, Oil
  • Patrick Seufert, PA     Blue Steel, Oil
  • Arena Shawn, CA     Blue Turban – Portrait of Chris from Life, Oil
  • Danni Shobe, LA     Goat 1, Acrylic
  • Douglas Stafford, LA     Don’t Take My Sunshine Away, Oil
  • Suzanne Stewart, TX     Morning Beauty, Oil
  • Kathy Miller Stone, LA     New Orleans Parking, Transparent watercolor
  • Nancy Stutes, LA     Christine-Heart to Heart, Conte
  • R. Gregory Summers, KS     To Run with the Puma, Oil
  • Pat Wattam, LA     Knee Deep, Oil
  • Herb Willey, MS     Donna And Emma, Transparent Watercolor
  • Martha Yancey, LA     Catherine, Oil
  • James Yano, VA     Kahalu’u 1, Block Print
  • Shirley Young, LA     The Path Forward, Oil
  • Bing Zheng, LA     Country Fall, Acrylic