The Art Guild of Louisiana is based at the Studio in the Park in Baton Rouge. We have members from all over Louisiana and several other states. The following list of members is sorted by last name and contains links to artists’ websites.

The Art Guild of Louisiana currently has a total of 18 members for 2020.

  • Barbara Andrepont

  • Kay Bailey

  • Judi Betts AWS

  • Carol Creel

  • Michele Deshotels

  • Lane Downs

  • Larry Downs

  • Sandra Ducote

  • Cheryl Hoyt

  • Greg Kiger

  • Sammie King

  • Claudia LeJeune

  • Roberta Loflin

  • Jo McWilliams

  • Trish Poynot

  • Leah Schwartzman

  • Caroline Smack

  • Nikki Spencer